Our mission


WARWICK uses the values of simplicity/cheapness/reliability to design products and serve users.

Simple clamping

WARWICK’s products are designed with simplicity in mind, with simple structures and simple operating methods.

Cheap price

WARWICK uses a modular structure for its products, optimizing the weight and volume of the product, and using a simple process structure. In the end, the value of cheapness is realized.

Reliable stability

Huawei products have been optimized to simplify the structure, improve reliability and prolong service life through surface treatment.

Eco-friendly and clean power

Compressed air-driven fixtures

We believe that compressed air is a clean and environmentally friendly source of power that only needs to be connected to the pipes and ready to use. The air pressure will be much lower than the hydraulic pressure, WARWICK engineers through a series of mechanisms to increase the force of the product, and finally meet the CNC machining needs at the air pressure of 0.65Mpa.

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